Copper System Solution

VOYGAR CONNECTING SYSTEM provides a full end to end copper network system in Category 6, Category 6A, Category 7 and Category 7A. From patch panels to patch leads and cable through to data outlets, has an extensive product range giving the installer and end user a number of options when it comes to choosing the best solution for their project.

We are represented by ISO: 9001, ISO: 14001 organization and our solutions are accepted with gratification by many clients and customers. VOYGAR provides a personalized service on the logistic stream and also technical assistance is arranged. We believe in bringing an added advantage with proven expertise at the product usability training, hands on testing with best customized test procedures and the tools for convenient installation.

Our main products are either UL certified and or ETL/ Delta/ GHMT verified. With advanced QC center, we use latest Fluke testers to valid product performance, X-ray machine for thickness of gold plating, vertical & horizontal video measurement inspection machines for precision, and automated optical inspection machines directly installed on the automatic machines to examine production line carefully. VOYGAR provide reliably high-quality products!

VOYGAR CONNECTING SYSTEM designs and manufactures cost-effective, high-performance, balanced copper systems to support applications up to and including 10GBase-T and remote powering (PoE+).


Category 6

VOYGAR offer a range of products in its Category 6 system. The customer can use either vertical Punch down keystone jackmodular panels or Tool less keystone jackpanels and achieve up to 48 RJ45 ports in 1U of rack space. The Category 6 cable is available as shielded or unshielded and with PVC or LSZH outer sheaths.

There are a number of options for Category 6 data outlets in a range of industry sizes including UK, US and French types. As with the cable, Patch cords are available in both PVC and LSZH in a range of colors and lengths.


Category 6A

The Category 6A solution is available in UTP and FTP. High performance jacks are at the center of the systems which, when combined with VOYGAR CONNECTING SYSTEM Category 6A cables and patch cords, delivers superior Category 6A performance.

The systems includes a range of 1U and 2U modular flat (FTP available as either fixed and sliding) and angled panels, full set of plastic mounting modules and single-action termination tool with interchangeable FTP and UTP heads.


Category7/ 7A

The Category 7/7A S/FTP applications include 10-gigabit Ethernet, PoE+, HD BaseT and more. Category 7 (Cat7) tested to 600MHz, Category 7A (Cat7A) tested to 1,000 MHz, the Category offers exceptional noise immunity. With all pairs individually shielded, multiple applications can be safely run on one cable. Cat 7/7A cable features four individually shielded pairs as well as an overall cable shield to protect the signals from crosstalk and EMI. Cat7/7A cable provides a copper solution for 10-Gigabit Ethernet at 100 meters.

Category.7A cabling is a twisted pair system, this standard defines 4 pairs of individually shielded twisted pairs wrapped in a shield, is in 10 Gigabit Transmission line standards used on Ethernet and other network, using GG45 or TERA connector plug for transmission, the transmission bandwidth can reach 1000MHz.