VOYGAR SYSTEMS GmbH, the owner and quality guarantor of VOYGAR structured cabling system (SCS), can provide an assurance of system success with a 25-year guarantee on the components, performance, and installation integrity of your structured cabling system installed, The key point of System Warranty is that VOYGAR SYSTEMS offers product and applications assurance of compliance with the industry performance standard appropriate to the class of cabling installed within 25-year period from the Warranty Certificate issue date.


Warranty Statement

VOYGAR SYSTEMS offers 25 years project warranty against manufacturing defects for end-to-end cabling solutions based on the approval of test report submitted by a certified installer. During the Warranty Period, the Registered System will meet or exceed the performance requirements of the system specifications mentioned in the warranty certificate. The warranty is not applicable in case of any other product or brand integrated with VOYGAR SCS system.


Warranty Conditions

The VOYGAR structured cabling system (SCS) is a subject for System Warranty if the following requirements are met:

  • Designing, installation and certification testing was accomplished by VOYGAR SCS Certified Installer.
  • Only components manufactured by VOYGAR were implemented in the mentioned project.
  • VOYGAR components are to be purchased from the VOYGAR SCS Authorized Partner, who has the right to provide extended warranty for them.
  • VOYGAR SCS owner confirmed that all the forms are filled in correctly and test results are in compliance with specified standards.
  • Project proper design and installation quality compliance with international ISO/IEC 11801-2002 Standard are mandatory for the warranty certificate.


System Warranty Requirments  

The System Warranty applies when:

  • The structured cabling system that installed by an authorized system integrator, at the location mentioned on the System Warranty Certificate.
  • The structured cabling system that designed, installed, and maintained in compliance to the applicable industry standards as set forth in the System Specification.
  • The structured cabling system that has been designed, installed and maintained in accordance with VOYGAR SCS guidelines and instruction sheets for installation procedures and the specifications for the Application and the System Specification.
  • The structured cabling system that is tested in compliance with the industry standards and applicable VOYGAR SYSTEMS testing requirements and acceptably pass such tests.
  • A valid copy of a certified passing test report, must be submitted to SCS Owner for review within Thirty (30) days.
  • Warranties are issued only after an audit of test data, and at the discretion of the VOYGAR SCS technical support team. In all cases, 100% of the links which require warranty support must be tested.

All warranties are processed in 5 working days.


Implementing Procedure of Warranty Obligations

While implementing VOYGAR SCS warranty obligations, the correction of malfunction is undertaken by Certified Installer, that installed VOYGAR SCS. The correction is free of charge, if production defect of component(s) of SCS is/are discovered and if there are any mistakes in SCS installation, made by Installer-company and resulted in the violation of the VOYGAR SCS specifications declared.

VOYGAR SYSTEMS directly carries out the warranty obligations activities or involves another Certified Installer in the work in case, if Certified Installer ceased its activities or, if the business relationship between VOYGAR SYSTEMS and Certified Installer ended for one reason or another (severance of partner relations at the initiative of one party or another). If any warranty case occurs, the owner of VOYGAR SCS should contact Certified Installer, who installed VOYGAR SCS. If Certified Installer lacks the authority to perform warranty obligation or any other case, one should contact VOYGAR SYSTEMS. If any complaint arises, the experts of Certified Installer or from VOYGAR SYSTEMS will determine the cause of malfunction and inform the SCS owner about the results accordingly. If the detected malfunction is the subject for warranty obligation, the Certified Installer or VOYGAR SYSTEMS will repair.


Warranty Exclusions

The warranty does not cover:

  • any damage due to the application of excess load than what specified in specification document of VOYGAR.
  • accidental or malicious damage to the installed links by individuals.
  • damage caused by external circumstances beyond our control.
  • links for which compliant test results were not supplied at the time of application. If subsequent work is carried out on the network or surrounding services (electrical, water, chemicals, …etc.) that may have an effect on the performance of the cabling system, the cabling system must be reinstalled. If the cabling is not reinstalled, this may invalidate the warranty. 


Final Provisions

The System warranty shall be governed by the German law for all disputes between the Parties.

German courts should have exclusive international jurisdiction for all disputes between the Parties.

As far as this is legally permissible, both Parties hereby agree that for all disputes between the Parties arising from or in connection with this agreement the regional court of Berlin shall have exclusive local jurisdiction.