Certified VOYGAR Installer

Certified VOYGAR Installer


Program Overview


VOYGAR CVI Training Course, is designed for organizations who want their staff  to demonstrate the highest levels of knowledge, skills and expertise in network cabling infrastructures.

The course will cover theoretical study, practical installation, testing and survey exercises providing the right level of knowledge and skills for Copper & Fiber optic installation practices.

You will learn everything you need to start installing and testing data and structured cabling systems, from cat5e through to cat7 connections as well as structured cabling you will also learn telephony cabling and so much more.

The program also is suitable for students who are studying in any IT related Collage/Institute and they are not familiar with cabling systems.


Program Period


The Certified Voyager Installer (CVI) training program is 5 days (40 hours) in duration.


Who should attend


It is relevant to new entrants to the network cabling infrastructure in addition to those already working within the cable installation environment wishing to formalize their skills. Who should attend:

1- Project Managers.

2- IT Managers.

3- Technicians/Engineers.

4- Electricians.

5- Telecommunication specialists.

6- Anyone.




At least One year experience within the network infrastructure sector OR finishing undergraduate computer science program study.

Good understanding English language.


Course contents


1-Fundamental of Data communications.

2-Networking Principles & overview.

3-Ethernet introduction and theory of channel access.

4-Introduction to Structured Cabling.

5-Shielded and Unshielded cabling.

6-Structured cabling components.

7-Installing Structured Cabling.

8-Practical study.

9-LAN hardware (Switches, Routers, bridges).

10-Documentation & Labeling Introduction .

11-Theory of Light Transmission.

12-History of fiber.

13-Fiber Optic Networks.

14-Crimping and Testing tools, Fluke CCTT.

15-Installation practices.

16-Site survey/plan.

17-Case studies.


What I will be qualified for


You may already be an engineer but have no formal qualifications because you have completed on the job vendor training, Many organizations including, local government, education establishments, are asking contractors, engineers and suppliers for this formal qualifications regardless whether you have completed manufacturers training. they now want to see your vocational certificates.

Some jobs you can do when you complete the course:

1-Data cabling installer.

2-Telecom Engineer.

3-Head end/ Cable engineer

4-Installation Engineer.

5-Many Others….


Officail CVI Certificate


At the end of the course you will be required to pass a practical exam and then you will get the Certified VOYGAR Installer Technician (CVI) Certificate.

and you will also be able to use the CVI installer logo.




The cost of the Data and Structured Cabling Training CVI course is EUR 770.00 + VAT.


Future Training


The certified data installer certification allows you to apply for CVI data center course.