Racks and Cabinets

As one of our turnkey solutions, we offer many different types of Rack Cabinets.

VOYGAR Solutions works with several rack cabinet manufactures and we are experts in assembly and integration with customer systems and components.

Our integration and logistics facility is capable of assembling many racks in parallel, then testing, boxing and shipping them directly to the customer.

VOYGAR Systems provides innovative infrastructure solutions for IT Equipment worldwide. Our extensive range of Racks, Cabinets, Patching Frames and Wall Boxes is complemented by a range of accessories to suit every requirement.

The range of VOYGAR Systems solutions allows organizing the work of a network of any scale. The company's products are suitable for building both a wired and wireless network. Our products comply with international standards. Cabinet systems and racks are great for a reliable and economical networking. We also provide a series of accessories for power distribution and cable management. To control the conditions the equipment is located in, we offer monitoring systems (temperature, humidity, fire safety, etc.).

VOYGAR ground breaking aisle containment solutions are available as new build or retro-fit systems, encompassing 3rd party enclosures and devices.

The warranty period of operation is according to the Agreement or 12 months from the date of sale.

All VOYGAR products have a 25 year performance warrantee when installed as per TIA or ISO/IEC standards.